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About the book:

Set in Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand, in the 1950's, Danger at Devil's Cove is a fast paced adventure story with an imaginative edge. It has many levels so can be enjoyed by children from 10 years old as well as adults.

Contact and Orders:
+64 (0) 21707066
PO Box 51-074 Pakuranga Manukau 2140 Auckland NZ

About the author:

Marilyn J. Bakker

Marilyn Bakker is a writer and small business owner, who lives with her husband, Nicolaas in Auckland, New Zealand. A keen fisher woman, Marilyn often travels to the family bach on the Coromandel Peninsula. During one such lengthy road trip, her grandchildren, Michael and Nicole, pleaded for a story and so began Danger at Devil's Cove, and The Adventures of Josephine Mary Cresswell.

About the illustrators:

Reuben Horn

Awarded the MIT Art Scholarship 2008, Reuben is currently studying as a MIT visual arts student and has just completed his second full-time year. Reuben's long term goal is to become a 2D animator. His preferred medium is graphite pencil and he enjoys creating fantasy characters.

Pati Ahsue

Awarded the De la Salle scholarship in 2007, Pati is currently studying Fine Arts and is nearing the end of his second year at MIT. His long term goal is to become a full time creative painter. His preferred medium is pen and paint.


This project is funded with the assistance of the Creative Communities Scheme - Manukau City. The author gratefully acknowledges Creative Communities New Zealand for its assistance with funding, and Print House Ltd and Word Wizard for their valued contribution to kick-start the first edition of this book.