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Marilyn J Bakker (BA, Diploma of Teaching) is a writer and small business owner who lives with her partner, Wally, in Auckland, New Zealand.


Educated in Gisborne, Marilyn left home as a teenager to further her education at Ardmore Teachers Training College, eventually settling in Auckland.


As a young mother of three, she completed a degree at Massey and Auckland Universities, developing a lifelong love of history in the process.         


Work experiences include teaching, sales management, writing, graphic design and print and small business ownership. Passions past and present include Toastmasters, marathon running, bach life on the Coromandel, writing, oil painting, fishing, gardening, family, community and travel.


A visit to the Netherlands, Ireland and France in 2013 provided fascinating stories of local folklore which the author has drawn on to create a background tapestry for her third book in the trilogy, The Adventures of Josephine Mary Cresswell.


The Adventures of Josephine Mary Cresswell began one summer's day on a long road trip to the family bach. Marilyn J Bakker's grandchildren pleaded for a story, and so young Josephine and her friends came along. The exciting tale full of smugglers, goldmines, and a touch of magic proved to be such a delight that the grandchildren convinced their nana to write it all down. Danger at Devil's Cove was born.

Now a complete trilogy, the story of Josephine Mary Cresswell takes readers on a whirlwind of adventures. History is brought to life with vivid description of life in 1950's New Zealand, and so too is Maori mythology as Josephine uncovers her personal history in The Mystery of the Missing Artefact.  


The thrilling finale, In Search of the Tarasque, takes the adventure across oceans as Josephine travels to Europe to find out what happened to her parents during World War II. The story is full of twists and turns, with familiar baddies and intriguing new characters. The book continues themes from the first two books,  while also introducing elements such as Irish folklore and a closer examination of the effects of World War II.

These tales of mystery & mythology are sure to appeal to readers aged 9 to 99.


'Danger at Devil's Cove', 'The Mystery of the Missing Artefact', and 'In Search of the Tarasque' each have a beautifully illustrated cover by artist Reuben Horn.

Before each chapter begins, you'll be treated to a charming illustration of characters, settings, or scenes from the story. See a few of these pictured below!

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