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Product Information

ISBN: 9780473507732

Publisher: Arthur Publishing House

Publication Date: January 2020

In Search of the Tarasque
Book Three

Josephine Mary Cresswell, ready for a new adventure, must leave the Coromandel and embark on a journey to uncover her true identity.


Haunted by ghosts of the past and threatened with visions of danger, Josephine is swept up in a mystery spanning generations. But in the search for the Tarasque, will her secret wish be fulfilled?


Set in 1950s New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Europe, this thrilling instalment in The Adventures of Josephine Mary Cresswell brings history anf mythology to life, and the series to a satisfying and heart-warming conclusion.

Book Review by Nicole Magolan:


‘In Search of the Tarasque’ welcomes us back into the world of Josephine Mary Cresswell: Coromandel, New Zealand in the 1950’s. We revisit all the familiar locations, such as Aunt Jenny’s cottage, the goldmines, and Elephant Rock. However, the story isn’t contained to the one location this time. Josephine desperately wants to be officially adopted, but for that she needs to find out what happened to her parents during the war. Not much is known about them… but one clue leads to another, and Jo embarks on a whirlwind adventure through Europe.

The Josephine Mary Cresswell books have shades of Famous Five and Nancy Drew with their engaging mysteries and bright heroine, but the story stands as a unique portrayal of life in 1950’s New Zealand. The small details and descriptions build an atmospheric and immersive setting, the kind that takes you from where you’re sitting and transports you into the story. You’re right there trekking through the bush, feeling the ocean air, tasting Mrs Jones’ homemade lemonade. Not to mention all the sneaking around, running from baddies, and uncovering evil plots! ‘In Search of the Tarasque’ captures all the magic of the trilogy and ties off the story in an exciting and satisfying conclusion.

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