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Sammy Two Shoes is a beautiful cat. She has a soft, creamy-white fur and a small, chocolate-brown face with soft pointy ears. Her clear, blue eyes are just soooooooo beautiful. On her front feet she has two wee powder puff shoes. That is why she is called Sammy Two Shoes.


One day Sammy is roaming in her garden when she meets Billy Bellbird. They strike up a friendship which moves to Billy suggesting that he bring his cousins and their friends to Sammy's garden the next morning so they can put on a singing display for Sammy. The music is beautiful. Sammy is overwhelmed with the moment. On completion of the music Billy tells Sammy to come to the garden every morning before the sun rises and the birds with gather their dawn chorus together to sing for her anytime she is in the garden. The book in a silent way describes just how friends are created and how those friendships can be with creatures or persons that wouldn't normally be seen together.

Sammy Two Shoes and Billy Bellbird


Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9780473198855

Author: Gavin Gosney

Illustrator: Susanna Palomaki

Dimensions: 21cm x 14.8cm

Pages: 40

Series: Sammy Two Shoes, Book 2

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